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A Omega Constellation Replica GMT Master "Root Beer” ref. 1675/3 Credits: Omega Constellation Replica Phillips It is easy to see why the nickname was chosen, especially considering people's tendency to name Omega Constellation Replica GMT models after different sodas (Coke, Pepsi, etc.). People were reminded of Root Beer by the brown-and-gold bezel insert. Root Beer isn't the only name this watch has. The watch is often called Tiger Eye or Tiger Augen in German. This is Omega Constellation Replica of its resemblance to the chatoyant gemstone's hue and silky lustre. The "Nipple Dial", a moniker that refers to the distinctive gold nipple hour marks that adorn early GMT Master 16753's dial (just like this one)., is even more descriptive.

This watch has a unique Omega Constellation Omega Replica Replica that is arguably what put it on the map. It's called "Clint Eastwood". Again, the reason is obvious. The GMT Master 1675/3 was the favorite Omega Constellation Replica model of the actor and was seen in at least three of his films: Firefox in 1982, Tightrope 1984 and In The Line of Fire 1993. Although this model didn't have the celebrity appeal of the Paul Newman Daytona or the GMT Master 1675/3, it is still a neat trivia fact that adds vintage pieces to collectors' attention. Root Beer 2.0

Omega Constellation Replicaintroduced two new GMT's Omega Constellation Replica Watches this season featuring its 18ct Everose Gold, as I mentioned previously. The GMT-Master II Ref 126715CHNR case is entirely made from Everose. While the GMT-Master II 126711CHNR case - which is what we're currently looking at - is two-tone (Everose Rodeor) Omega Constellation Replicathe former is more similar to the original "Root Beer GMT", there are still some significant differences and some remarkable technical advancements.

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