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You might have thought that the 7-day Omega Seamaster Chronograph Replica IWC's and the 8-day Panerai had huge power reserves - but they are actually more powerful than Omega Seamaster Chronograph Replica 99 percent of mechanical watches. If power is what you are looking for and you don't like winding your watches, the Lange 31 might be for you. The '31" does not refer only to the watch's diameter, but the power reserve (in days). This watch can be fully wound for up to 31 days. Impressive, right? Omega Seamaster Chronograph Replica This watch is now available in SIHH 2017 in a white gold version with a grey dial.

The A. Lange & Sohne Lange 31, which debuted in 2007, Omega Replica was the first wristwatch to have a 31-day power reserve / 744 hours of energy. Omega Seamaster Chronograph ReplicaOther watches had a 50-day/1,200h power reserve, but this was due to the fact that the movement was stacked with 11 mainspring bars. The Lange 31 has everything coming directly from one barrel. It contains two Omega Seamaster Chronograph Replicamainsprings measuring no less than 185 cm uncoiled. This is roughly the length of an average Joe. The two springs are so long and rigid that it is impossible to wind them the traditional way. Rotating the crown. Winding takes place via the caseback, which has a separate key that fits into a square slot in the recess on the sapphire back. The caseback features an integrated backstop mechanism for smooth, easy winding and a torque limiter to prevent accidental overwinding of springs.

Even though a 744 hour / 31 day power reserve movement is impressive, it will quickly cause a problem. Omega Seamaster Replica WatchesThis will adversely affect the precision of your watch. The Lange 31's mainsprings are so Omega Seamaster Chronograph Replicastrong that they can deliver a tremendous amount of torque to the movement when fully wound. This would damage the escapement. The torque will also decrease towards the end of power reserve period. This means that power to escapement will not be linear and the amplitude will be affected. This will result in poor accuracy over the length of power reserve. A. Lange & Sohne found a solution: constant-force escapement. This allows for smoother delivery of torque from mainsprings over the duration of the power reserve. The remontoire is located between the twin Omega Seamaster Chronograph Replicamainspring barrels and the going train. It delivers a constant amount to the escapement every ten second, so that the balance oscillates with the exact same amplitude (the Lange TerraLuna has the same device).

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