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Sometimes you don't have to completely Omega Seamaster 300M Replica redesign a design in order to make it unique. You can make a difference by making small changes here and there. It is true for the Piaget Polo Black ADLC/ Rubber Omega Seamaster 300M Replica Limited Editions. Let's get back to basics. The Piaget PoloS is a "sports luxurious watch" designed to attract younger clients, more active collectors, and those who are less inclined to wear "black tie" watches. (Understand the Altiplano to Omega Seamaster 300M Replicaunderstand Piaget's signature style). The 42mm steel Piaget PoloS is sporty, but not a true sports watch. Its shape was clearly inspired more by the Emperador collection than the 1980s Polo collection. This watch is an illustration. The Emperador is still a trademark design for the brand and a great one at that.

The Piaget Polo S case measures 42mm for either the chronograph Omega Replica or 3-hand versions. It has a polished finish with the exception of the Omega Seamaster 300M Replica horizontally brushed bezel. The cases are quite slim (below 10mm in the 3-hand), and the execution is pleasing to the eyes. There were two options available, a 3-hand or a chronograph. Both models come with high-quality in-house movements. The Piaget Polo 3 hand features the calibre 1110P- 4Hz, an automatic winding with central rotation, 50 hours power reserve, and HMS + date. It is based on the Piaget 800P Calibre. It has a pleasant decoration with blued screws and polished bevels. The Omega Seamaster 300M Replica blackened rotor is engraved with the Piaget blazon. The chronograph version uses the Calibre 1160P, an integrated, bi-compax chronograph mechanism with date, actuated via column-wheel, vertical clutch (a modern, reliable architecture, based upon the 880P calibre). The 3-hand version's decoration is more than satisfactory. These movements are available in the Piaget Polo Black ADLC/Rubber Limited Editions.

On the 3-hand version, there were three dial options (silver grey and blue),Omega Seamaster Replica Watches and two for the chronograph (silver and blue). The dial and Omega Seamaster 300M Replica hands were both qualitative, even though the Piaget logo is on the counterweight of second hand is a bit questionable. The dial has nice horizontal grooves, bold hands, and luxuriously applied markers... It is not very old, but it is still a good watch. The watch was attached to a metal bracelet that alternated Omega Seamaster 300M Replica between polished and brushed surfaces. This is not a new ...).. His life is changing with the Piaget Polo Black ADLC/Rubber Limited Editions.

Omega Seamaster 300M Replica