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You basically take the same ingredients and Omega Speedmaster Replica add one or two spices to make it better. You also know that spices can make a recipe completely different. This is where the limited editions of these spices made a difference. What are the changes? The first is that the cushion bezel / round is now coated in black ADLC (Richemont Group’s Omega Speedmaster Replica version of the Diamond Like Coating). Next, the dials will be finished in the same black color. Au revoir to your metallic bracelet. It has been replaced with a nice rubber strap with sporty stitchings. The Piaget PoioS gains personality and distinguishes. Even though the basic design is unchanged, Omega Speedmaster Replica proportions and style have been altered. A more contrasty, less shiny case (although still 42mm in diameter, the black bezel visually shrinks it) and a bolder style which is discreet and easy to wear in all conditions.

These Piaget Polo Black ADLC/Rubber Limited Swiss Replica Editions are nothing special. This is not the next century's evolution. This was not an easy feat. It took months of research and development by the Piaget team. The dial was redesigned with a new color, a black-coated bezel Omega Speedmaster Replica (thankfully only the bezel), and a rubber strap. It makes a huge difference. This is the Piaget PoloS that we would love to have seen first. It is more subtle, sportier, and less shiny than the Polo S. Overall, it feels more Piaget. This watch is my Omega Speedmaster Replica favorite. I'm willing to let go of all my criticisms. The best part is the price. It's slightly cheaper than the steel bracelet versions at $8,900 (versus $9.350) and $11,950 (versus $12,000.400). Each version is limited to 888 copies. It is a very competitive offer considering the quality of the watches, the brand printed on the dial, and the movements that power them. www.piaget.com.

Specifications for the Piaget Polo Black ADLC/Rubber 3-hand Omega Speedmaster Replica Case Dimensions:swiss replica watches 42mm in diameter x 9.4mm in height - Steel case with ADLC coated bezel and sapphire crystal on both sides - 100m Omega Speedmaster Replica Water Resistant Movement: Calibre 1110P, in-house, automatic - 4Hz, 50h power reserve – hours, minutes and seconds, date Strap: Black stitched rubber with steel Pin-buckle Limit of 888 pieces Specifications for the Piaget Polo Black ADLC/ Rubber Chronograph

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