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Omega De Ville Replica GMT Master II 126719BLRO White Omega De Ville Replica Gold/Pepsi/Meteorite Baselworld 2019 saw the Rolex GMT Master II Meteorite 126719BLRO presented as a minor Omega De Ville Replica alongside the show's heavyweights, which included the Batman wearing a Jubilee wristband. This GMT-Master II Meteorite is unique in that it was made from meteorite. This is also the first time meteorite has appeared on a GMT Master II model. You'll see how it might be read as a tribute to a famous Rolex model at the end.

This Omega De Ville Replica GMT Master Omega Replica II Meteorite would look identical to the white-gold Pepsi model if we removed the meteorite dial. It features a white-gold Oyster bracelet and a 40mm case. The rotating bezel is inlaid red and blue Cerachrom. This is a slightly darker colour than the older models Omega De Ville Replica an aluminium bezel. The hands and indices are made of white gold and treated using blue Chromalight. This 126719BLRO Meteorite dial is all about the dial. Here's some background information on the Gibeon Meteorite. It is the father of virtually all meteorite dials today.

The Omega De Ville Replica meteorite, which hurled through swiss replica watches the atmosphere before hitting Earth, is something of a star in meteorite world. It crashed onto Earth in prehistoric times in Omega De Ville Replica . The meteorite was first reported by Captain J. E. Alexander, 1836. It had been discovered by Nama people who used it to make weapons and tools. The meteorite was classified as an iron meteorite. It exploded upon entering, scattering more that 26,000 kilos from outer space. About 25 tonnes worth of fragments have been found to date. Its size and weight make it ideal for creating meteorite dials.

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