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Despite being the microbrand Lebois & Co., Rolex Submariner Replica we are unable to launch as many watches or as many marketing campaigns. We can still offer watches of similar quality with the Venturist, but that does not mean Rolex Submariner Replica Rolex Submariner Replica we won't be able to. A customer will also get a watch that is unique, as it won't be seen on every wrist. The Rolex Submariner Replica benefit of a small watch Rolex Submariner Replica company is that clients can have a closer relationship with the brand.

The new Venturist, Lebois & Co watch - Rolex Replica Watches an automatic, COSC certified Rolex Submariner Replica sports watch.What's the future for Lebois & Co.It would be exciting, I'd say. Although there are still many things to do, I believe that hard work and perseverance can get us to where we want to go. We want to offer more alternatives to the luxury watch brands that are already established. This will be possible by Rolex Submariner Replica combining the best practices in horology with information technology.

That is one tough decision! I pray that I never Rolex Submariner Replica Watches have to make this decision! Of course, I own all variants of Avantgarde as well as some vintage Lebois & Co. watches that I occasionally wear. Currently, I Rolex Submariner Replica wear number 079/100 (my birthday) of Avantgarde date – 3rd Re-launch Edition (black dial, cognac brown band) almost every single day. It is a great watch. But, I know that the Venturist will be my new watch for quite some time. To answer your Rolex Submariner Replica question, the Venturist is my favorite watch. However, I'd like to keep my other watches while I wait for it to arrive.

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